The Benefits of Playing with Building and Construction Toys

Posted on January 01 2024

Construction toys

    The skill involved in building things proves that there is more benefit than just pure enjoyment for children when it comes to construction toys.

    Playing with blocks and other construction toys is truly more than just play! Children who engage in activities where the toys can be built or constructed in some way will change the way they think – it is powerful.

    Building and construction projects certainly stimulate creativity and sharpen crucial skills.

    Construction toys and play environments encourage children to ‘think outside the square’.

    We know they can help kids develop:

    • motor skills and hand-eye coordination,
    • spatial skills,
    • a capacity for creative, divergent thinking,
    • social skills, and
    • language skills

    Children can integrate construction into play scenarios and there is evidence that it can advance math skills in later stages of their education pathway.

    Several interesting studies have reported very strong links between spatial skills, awareness, and construction play.

    Building structures encourages children to test spatial relationships and mentally rotate objects in the mind’s eye. Such practice leads kids to develop superior spatial abilities and there is clear evidence to prove this.

    The most compelling evidence that construction play is helpful in learning comes from everyday experience. We know that people learn from practice, and builders who create small-scale structures must cope with the same physics that constrain the design of large real-life structures.

    The reason why engineers and scientists build physical models is that it helps them test and explore their ideas.

    Play Tips - Getting the most from your construction blocks:

        Engage young children by participating yourself.

        Demonstration and modelling help children learn faster.

          Stimulate pretend play with character toys and other accessories.

            Additional toys, like people and cars gives children ideas for construction projects and it encourages pretend play that mimics real life situations.

              Combine block play with story-time

                After reading stories children are even more encouraged to pretend play. It gives children ideas for things to build.

                  Challenge kids with specific play and building tasks.

                    While free play is very important children also reap special benefits from trying to match structures to a template. You can use pictures and diagrams to inspire or guide a construction project as it creates models and encourages different types of experiments.

                      Encourage cooperative play and building projects

                        Co-operative building can help kids forge better social skills and interactions with other children.

                          Remember that fantasy is a valuable part of play

                            Construction play seems so practical and logical; however, we need to remember the importance of fantasy and creativity. Children become more creative and inventive when they are exposed to creative stories. The play can include fantasy as well as construction as this will reap important cognitive benefits.


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