Le Toy Van - passionate about play

Posted on March 07 2023

If you’re in search of traditional, quality toys that your child will be immersed in for hours, look no further than Le Toy Van. Le Toy Van are passionate about play and enthralling every child’s imagination through their authentic, wooden toys. A British-based company that are industry frontrunners in the field of modular kits, they specialise in designing and crafting robust wooden toys to reflect the company’s family-oriented nature.

Le Toy Van are passionate

Le Toy Van utilises a talented team of researchers, illustrators and product designers to develop toys that both educate and entertain children’s minds. All of their products are designed to develop children's senses and heighten their imagination through the different toy shapes, sizes, weights and textures. These variations enable children to experience a Montessori-style learning environment (an educational method based on hands-on learning, self-directed and collaborative play) which enhances their cognitive development.

Le Toy Van products

All Le Toy Van’s products are ethically-produced in Indonesia with sustainable and tactile Rubberwood, plywood and high-grade MDF, with such robust designs and quality craftsmanship enabling them to last for years of play. Le Toy Van ensure their wood derives from sustainable forests and that they support local farmers and their communities, as well as endeavouring to provide careers and opportunities for their local families by ensuring they are manufactured at certified, ethical factories. Le Toy Van work to ensure their toys are completely safe for their target audience, with rigorous researching and testing being undertaken to not only meet, but exceed, safety standards. Non-toxic paint is used on all of their products and they work to produce kid-safe edges on all of their products so children can enjoy themselves while being safe at all times.

Dollhouses foster

Le Toy Van is renowned for their beautiful, quality dollhouses that are perfect for any age. Dollhouses foster the development of interpersonal social skills such as relationship-awareness, social skills, empathy and communication. Combining both imagination and interaction within a familial context enables children to develop their understanding of social interactions while simultaneously broadening their imagination and enhancing their play.


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