Magna-Tiles: Our Magnetic Construction Toy of Choice

Posted on March 19 2024

Magnetic Construction Toy

In todays world of children's play, the role of building and construction toys cannot be overstated. Among these, magnetic building tiles hold a special place, offering a blend of fun, education, and creativity; Leading the pack in this category is Magna-Tiles, the original magnetic construction toy brand. We are excited that this brand is now available in Australia as they consistently set the bar high in terms of quality, innovation, and developmental benefits.

Here, we explore five reasons why we think Magna-Tiles stands out as our choice of the magnetic tile brands, outlining their unique ability to blend play with essential skill development for children.

  1. Enhanced Durability, Safety and Quality: Magna-Tiles are renowned for their exceptional durability, made with high-grade, food-safe MABS plastic (BPA, phthalates, latex, and toxic materials) and powerful, safe magnets. This top-notch construction not only ensures longevity but also offers a satisfying and frustration-free building experience, a key aspect not always matched by other brands. Magna-Tiles also feature signature rivets and patented, reinforced lattice. The rivets provide an additional layer of security and firmly hold the tiles together. The crisscross lattice isn’t just a unique design; it acts like a skeleton, providing additional support within each piece, so the tiles won’t break open if accidentally stepped on or dropped.
  2. Innovative Design for Creative Exploration: Being pioneers in their field, Magna-Tiles were the first to introduce transparent colored tiles, opening a new world of creative possibilities. This innovative feature allows children to explore light, colors, and more complex shapes, enhancing their creative and divergent thinking skills. Magna-Tiles have also recently won Preschool Toy of the Year at the 2023 Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards for the Downhill Duo race track set.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Magna-Tiles - Downhill Duo - Good to Play Toys       
  3. A Diverse Range of Sets: Offering a wide range of unique sets catering to various interests, Magna-Tiles helps in developing motor skills, spatial awareness, and language skills. Their diverse sets encourage children to think outside the box (or tile 😊), integrating construction play into various scenarios such as Dinosaur, Jungle, Forest, Safari, Farm, thus contributing to the advancement of essential developmental skills. 
  4. Superior Spatial Skills Development: Magna-Tiles encourage children to test spatial relationships and mentally rotate objects, a crucial aspect of cognitive development. This aligns with studies showing strong links between construction play and enhanced spatial skills, a foundational element in STEM disciplines like engineering and science.                                                      
  5. Long-term Value and Cost-Effectiveness: The robust construction of Magna-Tiles ensures that they can withstand extensive use, offering a better long-term value compared to many other brands. This durability, coupled with their educational benefits, makes Magna-Tiles a wise investment for parents seeking quality toys that offer both fun and learning opportunities.

In summary, we believe that Magna-Tiles is a clear stand out and a leader in magnetic construction toys. Their kits offer unmatched quality, innovative designs, educational value, and the ability to foster important developmental skills, making them a great choice for parents and educators alike.

Browse our extensive range of Magna-Tiles products HERE to learn even more about this great brand.     

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