Playing with dolls is a creative activity that helps kids practice how to interact with other people. It's important that children be able to identify with dolls so that they can imagine the world from their perspectives and build empathy.

Most of us will remember our favourite toy dolls or play figures years or decades after we’ve put them aside. Toy dolls are some of the most fundamental tools for practicing empathy, relationships, and communication that children possess. For early infants, a doll can be a best friend, a confidante, and a trusty companion when exploring the world.

Dolls are not just the doorway to an active imagination and healthy development - they also provide years of fun. Our toy dolls can form the basis of an inquisitive mind and will be cherished by children of all ages. Both boys’ and girls’ dolls can enable children to practice human interaction, as well as exploring imagination and invention, and make great shared play toys for you and your child. At Good to Play we stock dolls from carefully selected brands like Djeco Pomea, Miniland and Bonikka. Our dolls are suitable for a range of ages and play styles and we also carry several doll accessories.

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