Projects to keep the kids busy so you can get some work done

Posted on May 04 2020

educational projects your kids

For parents who are working from home and home schooling, we know how challenging it can be. So, we’ve put together a list of fun, educational projects your kids can do to give you some much needed work time.

For parents who are home schooling, it can be really enjoyable to see your children developing new skills and grasping new concepts for the first time. If you’re a working parent, you’ll know that surprise cameos on that important video call or little interruptions while you’re trying to get into ‘the zone’, can be challenging at times.

Finding projects to complement set school tasks, as well as keeping kids engaged, is easier said than done. It’s also important to ensure they’re learning and are where they need to be academically when school goes back.

To keep the family harmony, we’ve put together a list of fun, educational projects your kids can do with minimal supervision. This should give you some much needed time while providing the kids the opportunity to see what they can achieve on their own.

Johnco Tobbie The Robot

Johnco Tobbie The Robot

This six-legged robot is super cute and is sure to keep the kids busy. Depending on your child’s age, they may need some help with this one at the start. Working on Tobbie will give them a great insight into STEM (Science, Technology, Education & Maths) principles. Plus, he’s pretty smart for a little robot! Using an infrared sensor, he can detect and avoid obstacles or follow things around, providing the kids with endless hours of fun.

4M Recycled Paper Beads

This kit is two-for-one. Not only will it keep the kids busy, but it will give you a chance to use up any old scraps of wrapping paper or magazines you have lying around the house. While they’ll love the jewellery they can make with the 4M Recycled Paper Beads kit, it also instils some great lessons. Your kids will learn about upcycling, recycling and green technology.

Johnco 14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot

This solar-powered robot is a great option for kids who love to build things. With 14 different models (ranging in difficulty) to create, this toy grows with them as they learn, and will provide hours of fun and entertainment. Whether they fancy something on wheels, legs or even water-bound, this robot truly delivers and will teach them important STEM skills along the way.

Building Block Set

EverEarth 50pc Building Block Set

While it’s not realistic to leave toddlers and younger kids to play completely unsupervised, it requires planning. You can keep them engaged and entertained while you focus on work with The EverEarth 50pc Building Block Set. It’s not only made of high-quality smooth wood but also beautifully crafted to boost your child's creativity and dexterity as they learn to build from their imagination. Reminiscent of building blocks you probably had yourself as a child, your kids will love playing with these.

Rover Robot

4M Green Science Rover Robot

This is another great toy for learning about green technology – in particular solar energy. The Green Science Rover Robot teaches young engineers (this robot is great for kids as young as five-years-old) to use the principles of physics to build something and understand why it works. Using the power of the sun or the option of a battery this little robot can go as long as your kids can.

While we’re starting to see schools slowly go back in some states there’s still a lot of home learning ahead. These toys will hopefully get you some much needed work time while seeing your kids develop, and show off, their new STEM skills.


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