The joy of Kinderfeets - keeping your child active

Posted on August 23 2021

Kinderfeets bikes are perfectly suited to young, growing toddlers who love getting active outside!

A play on the Dutch word ‘kinderfiets’, which translates to ‘child’s bike’, Kinderfeets cultivate a love of adventure and learning in an engaging environment. Every Kinderfeets product is manufactured with the intention of enhancing child’s play, ensuring they are getting active while broadening their imagination and cognitive skills, guaranteeing quality, long-lasting play.

Kinderfeets bikes

Kinderfeets design and manufacture active toys to support children and their development of balance, coordination and gross motor skills, heightening their self-esteem through independent play. Kinderfeets products are all crafted with Bamboo, an extremely adaptable and resilient crop that has self-regenerating abilities. As it is a natural antimicrobial fibre, bamboo can thrive without the use of pesticides, making it both safe for children and the environment. To enhance the safety and quality craftsmanship of their products, Kinderfeets use water-based, non-toxic paints and lacquers.

Kinderfeets also pride themselves on their robust, functional designs that guarantee your child’s safety. All their toys, being handmade using sustainable materials, non-toxic finishings and non-formaldehyde glue effectively protect both children and the environment. Kinderfeets also work to conserve the environment by contributing some of their profits toward ‘Trees for the Future’, a non-profit organisation that endeavours to combat deforestation by planting more trees.


small training bike

Kinderfeets’ main product is a small training bike with a low frame that enable children’s feet to touch the ground. The bikes are the most effective means of preparing young children to learn to ride a full-sized bike.

With an expanded collection of bikes with different colours and features, Kinderfeets’ products cater to a range of age-groups and personalities, with the unique features helping children to learn how to balance and become familiar with pedals and bike-riding.


Another leading product manufactured by Kinderfeets is their Kinderboard, a curved wooden board that helps children develop a sense of balance, gain an awareness of space and their body, as well as stimulate their vestibular system.

The Kinderboard is an extremely versatile toy that broadens a child’s imagination as it offers open-ended play and endless indoor and outdoor opportunities, keeping them engaged in creative play for hours. The Kinderboard can become a seesaw, a balance board, a resting spot, a doll’s bed, a bridge or tunnel and much more.



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