Kids love playing with Dinosaur Toys

Posted on March 18 2021

Whether you’re 8 or 80, you’ll love Good to Play’s dinosaur toys. Encapsulating all things fun while still providing loads of valuable information on all things dinosaur, these toys will have your children (and maybe even you!) occupied for hours. Whether your child is a budding palaeontologist or just enjoys the way dinosaurs look and sound, Good to Play has the toy that’s right for them.

Play’s dinosaur toys

To help you choose, we have added a selection of our favourite, educational dinosaur toys, suitable for children of various ages.

Solar and Hydraulic Construction kit

Johnco 12-in-1 Solar and Hydraulic Construction Kit

A STEM toy, Johnco’s 12-in-1 Solar and Hydraulic Construction kit guarantees thorough learning alongside extensive fun. Not requiring any batteries, as it is powered by water and the sun (some pretty prehistoric stuff, we know!), this product instructs kids about the advantages of solar energy and the benefits of playing outdoors. The 12 different models that children can construct will have them assembling and disassembling the product again and again, also allowing them to use their imagination and problem-solving skills to dream up their own shapes and creatures to construct.

Age: 8 years +
Price: AUD $47.95


Dinosaur Skeleton kits

4M Dig-a-Dinosaur Skeleton

T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus…these are just a few of the dinosaur skeletons that can be dug up in 4M’s Dig-a-Dinosaur Skeleton kits! Skilfully dig and brush away plaster to reveal the many bones of a dinosaur, all to be assembled into one terrifying skeleton! The assembled skeletons can then be used as play-figurines or set aside as decoration alongside the many different dinosaurs provided in the kits.

Age: 8 years +
Price: AUD $25.95


4M Mould and Paint Dinosaur

4M Mould and Paint Dinosaur

Fun, colourful and creative are just a few words that sum up 4M’s Mould and Paint Dinosaur kit! Dinosaurs can be created using the provided plaster and moulds, before being decorated with colourful paints and glow-in-the-dark tint. The mini-ceramics can be fastened to a magnet or safety pin, making for excellent gifts or fridge decorations.  

Age: 5 years+
Price: AUD $19.95


Happy Architect Dinosaurs set

Poly M - Dinosaur Paradise Kit

Stimulate your child’s imagination and problem-solving skills with Poly M’s Dinosaur Paradise kit! With instruction leaflets and 200 Poly M blocks, your child can build a variety of fun, colourful dinosaurs alongside their own unique creations. The soft, durable blocks are perfect for younger dinosaur-lovers and are a great way to nurture your child’s construction skills and creativity. 

18 months+
Price: AUD $89.95


Triceratops 100pcs Tube

Plus Plus - Triceratops - 100pcs Tube

Guided by the provided instruction sheet, your child can successfully build a miniature, colourful dinosaur figurine all by themselves! The 100 pieces included in the tube and the versatile Plus-Plus piece provide plenty of opportunities for any unique shapes and creatures your child should like to make - their only limit is their imagination! Plus-Plus offer a range of 100pcs tubes for dinosaur-lovers so that a Stegosaurus, T-Rex and Spinosaurus can join their Triceratops friend. 

Age: 5 years+
Price: AUD: $14.95




Happy Architect Dinosaurs set

The Freckled Frog - The Happy Architect Dinosaurs Set

The Happy Architect Dinosaurs set provides 20 quality, durable wooden pieces. Including a T-Rex, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus and other colourful figurines, this is the perfect set for children who love all things dinosaur. The four interlocking scenery pieces will alight your child’s imagination and ensure the dinosaur figurines feel right at home roaming around the prehistoric wild. 

Age: 2 years+
Price: AUD: $84.95


hand puppet

Johnco - T-Rex Hand Puppet

This hand puppet is so lifelike it’s as scary as a real dinosaur! Made with soft rubber, this hand puppet is perfect for children of all ages and can be used for storytelling, role play and games. Purchase Johnco’s Triceratops Hand Puppet so both dinosaurs can be roaring with each other all day long. 

Age: 3 years+
Price: AUD: $19.95


Avenir Scratch kit

Avenir - Scratch - My Dinosaur Friends

Creativity and imagination are endless with this Avenir Scratch kit. With 8 different sheets, your child can scratch away special black sheets to reveal fun and friendly dinosaur designs, or get creative by illustrating their own patterns and drawings. 

Age: 3 years+
Price: AUD: $7.45


Green Dinosaur Backpack

4M Glow Dinosaurs

A must for all dinosaur-lovers, these glow-in-the-dark stickers are a quick and easy way to decorate a room. Their 3D design and the provided pop-up play scene means they can be added to a dinosaur diorama before providing awesome light at night. 

Age: 3 years+
Price: AUD: $10.85  


Green Dinosaur Backpack

Johnco - Green Dinosaur Backpack

Don’t be fooled by how adorable this plush dinosaur is - it also functions as a backpack! Perfect for children of all ages, this cool bag has adjustable shoulder straps and is the perfect place for them to store all their valuables. Soft and adorable, this bag is functional for everyday use, while also being perfect for a comfy cuddle at night, too. 

Age: 3 years+
Price: AUD: $28.45


Dinosaur Crystal Terrarium

4M Crystal Growing - Dinosaur Crystal Terrarium

Every dinosaur needs land to roam upon…and 4M’s Dinosaur Crystal Terrarium is the best place to create it! This kit provides all the instructions and resources necessary to grow your own colourful crystals. With the included palm trees, plastic globe and dinosaur figurines, the crystal terrarium is a great habitat for dinosaurs and is an awesome decoration, too.

Age: 10 years+
Price: AUD: $36.95


Prehistoric Snap and Memory Game

Two Little Ducklings - Prehistoric Snap and Memory Game

This adorable set of cards tests memory, speed and visual skills and can be played with friends and family. Printed on environmentally friendly paper, the cards provide information and vibrant pictures on different dinosaur species and their habitats. Great for all kids and for providing quality family time.

Age: 3 years+
Price: AUD: $26.95


The above selection is just the tip of the prehistoric iceberg when it comes to cool dinosaur toys, but we hope these recommendations help you navigate the ‘sometimes-overwhelming’ task of selecting the right toy.


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