Musical Toys & Instruments

Let the budding musician play with this wonderful selection of musical toys.

You’re never too young to begin learning an instrument! Many parents dread those undirected excesses of energy which result in frustrated noise making and attention seeking by restless children. However, exposing them to musicality and structured noise with musical instruments for kids can help them to channel their energy in constructive, educational and, above all, fun ways!

Support your child in exploring their creativity and mathematical skills by guiding them through basic musical rhythms, tonality and composition. Even parents without musical backgrounds can have fun learning to play musical instruments for kids along with their children. Using simple tunes and rhythms, children can gain useful experience with practice and repetition which will serve them well in later life.

Young toddlers and even babies can also benefit from musical toys and musical instruments for children. Manipulation abilities, exploring the effects of interacting objects and handling complex shapes are all primary skills that can be gained through musical toys - along with plenty of fun!

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