Wooden Toys

A range of carefully selected quality wooden toys to encourage education and play.

Beautiful, classic wooden toys are the epitome of childhood joy. Most of us will remember fondly the endless hours spent happily building castles out of blocks, pushing our trains and trucks around, or playing with our other wooden toys. We’ve curated a wonderful range of wooden kids’ toys from a selection of development friendly brands like EverEarth, Tender Leaf and Le Toy Van giving your child the opportunity to experience all the wonder and magic of traditional wooden toys. Encourage your child’s development and enable them to explore, grow and learn while having tons of fun!

Children love to explore the world by experiencing sensation, and a big part of that involves trying to taste and eat everything within arm’s reach! Wooden toys reduce the danger of small plastic parts. Although plastic toys are appropriate for some situations, wooden toys are great stress-free options for younger children.

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