When I grow up, I want to be a…

Posted on April 21 2021

Whether it be an astronaut, chef, princess, or even to be just like mum and dad, your children may have developed an idea of what they want to be when they grow up. Good to Play offers a broad variety of educational toys that nurture your child’s passions, whilst providing long-lasting fun and engagement. We’ve put together a list of toys perfectly suited to all the different ‘grownup’ jobs so you can find the right toy for your child and their interests.

Educational Toys for Kids

Whether your child is looking to be delighted through play or already dreams about their future, all the toys are guaranteed to provide quality fun and encourage your child to embrace their passions.


Le Toy Van Doctor's Set

Doctor or Nurse:

Le Toy Van - Doctor's Set

This wooden toy set is a classic must-have for any child, especially those who love to take care of others! The doctor’s set includes matching wooden instruments, with a stethoscope, thermometer and medicine bottles that will keep your child occupied for hours as they care for their friends and family members. The set comes with a vintage-style doctor’s bag, not only enabling easy clean-up and organisation, but providing a way for your child to play doctor or nurse wherever they go.

Age: 3 years +
Price: AUD $68.95

Mini Chef Chopping Board


Tender Leaf - Mini Chef Chopping Board and Vegetables

Chop, chop, chop...This friendly mini chopping board is the perfect way to get your child excited about cooking! The board comes with little vegetable pieces children can cut into halves, thirds and quarters, making learning fun as they create their cooking masterpiece! Pair it with Le Toy Van’s Honeybake Chococcino Machine or Honeybake Fish in Crate for an even bigger cooking experience!

Age: 3 years +
Price: AUD $28.95

Road Work set


Plus-Plus - Basic 3-in-1 Road Work Set

If your child is interested in building, the Plus-Plus® range have the perfect toys to encourage their passion!  Not only do Plus-Plus® building blocks keep your child occupied for hours, but this Road Work set perfectly complements their love of building and all things construction. The three different toy builds included means your child will be assembling and disassembling this product over and over again! The Connetix Tiles range is also super popular with little builders!

Age: 5 years +
Price: AUD $24.95

Honeybake Tea Set


Le Toy Van - Honeybake Tea Set

If your child loves to play pretend-royalty, then this tea set is the toy for them. Equipped with mini teacups, saucers and bikkies, this wooden tea set is the perfect toy for children who wish to throw luxurious royal gatherings for their friends, families and stuffed-teddies. The tea set also allows for easy pack-up and organisation as all the pieces can sit together and be stored away nicely on the provided wooden tray. Or your child might love to make her own princess doll with the 4M - Princess Doll Making Kit.

Age: 2 years +
Price: AUD $49.95

Dig a Dinosaur Skeleton kits


4M - Dig-a-Dinosaur Skeleton

4M’s Dig-a-Dinosaur Skeleton kits provide your child with the chance to dig away dirt to find hidden dinosaur bones! Guaranteed long-lasting fun as all the discovered bones can be assembled into one scary dinosaur skeleton! The Dig-a-Dinosaur kit comes as a Brachiosaurus, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Mammoth and Tyrannosaurus-Rex, providing endless fun for all potential palaeontologists. You will also find many other fun dinosaur toys, including the very life-like Johnco T-Rex hand puppet!

Age: 8 years +
Price: AUD $25.95

Le Toy Van Cash Register

Shop Owner:

Le Toy Van - Cash Register

Whether your child loves to pretend to be a shop owner or is thinking of selling all their toys for a profit, Le Toy Van’s Cash Register is the perfect product for them to begin with. With its robust, vintage design and matching currency, the Cash Register provides hours of educational fun for your child. Pair it with Le Toy Van's Groceries and Scanner for more shopping fun for your child and their prospective customers!

Age: 3 years +
Price: AUD $48.95

Wild Pines Train Set


Tender Leaf - Wild Pines Train Set

All aboard the Wild Pines Train Set! With so many beautiful wooden pieces, this set provides your child with the opportunity to build and play for hours. Its versatile tracks also allow your child to explore their creative side by configuring the pieces into different shapes and formats, where the trains can then chug along next to the picturesque forest scenery. Older engineers would enjoy building and playing with Johnco's Tobbie the Robot, Cybot and 12 in 1 Solar & Hydraulic Robot.

Age: 3 years +
Price: AUD $119.95

Miniland Dolls


Miniland Dolls

Miniland Dolls are perfect for any child who wants to love and care for a baby, the same way their parents love and care for them. With soft hair, vanilla-scented skin and adorable faces, the babies are perfect for any child who loves to play parent and learn the importance of family. Don’t forget to buy Miniland Pyjamas, an Astrup Knitted Doll Carrier Basket and a Skrallan stroller to enhance the comfort and cuteness of your child’s new doll!

Age: 1 years +
Price: AUD $52.95

Green Science Solar System


4M - Green Science Solar System

3…2…1…Blast off! This set is perfect for children who hope to fly up into the stars and explore the broad expanse of space in their imaginations! This planetarium is a model of the solar system. Budding astronauts will delight in building the motor system and the planet models to play with. They can watch the planets move around the sun, powered by solar or battery, learn the names of the planets and their order whilst creating the solar system. This solar system is one small step for kids, one giant leap for their imagination! Pair this with the Sassi - Travel, Learn and Explore - Space Puzzle  for added fun and further exploration of life in space.

Age: 5 years +
Price: AUD $36.95

Plus-Plus® 100pcs Tubes

Marine Biologist:

Plus-Plus® 100pcs Tubes

For children who love playful marine animals and the hidden treasures of the ocean, they will adore the Plus-Plus® 100pcs tubes, which feature a range of sea animals such as dolphins, sharks, turtles, jellyfish and narwhals! The many pieces can be used to build the relevant animal or used creatively by children who want to create their own fun animals and shapes instead! There is also the gorgeous Tender Leaf - Coastal Sea Life Set to play with or the Sassi - Travel Learn and Explore - Puzzle & Book Set to learn more about the world under the sea.

Age: 5 years +
Price: AUD $14.95

4M Volcano Making Kit


4M - Volcano Making Kit

No child can become a scientist without 4M’s Volcano Making Kit! This interactive kit allows kids to build and customise their own volcano, before experimenting with science to make it erupt! This toy is as educational as it is fun. Potential scientists will also love 4M’s Crystal Growing Kits which enable them to grow their own crystals and experiment with different colours and shapes. There are also some great larger kits, like 4M's Scientific Discovery Kit and their Deluxe Kitchen Science Kit, that have loads of fun scientific experiments to keep budding scientists busy for hours.

Age: 8 years +
Price: AUD $27.50

EverEarth Large Workbench with Tools


EverEarth - Large Workbench with Tools

Whether there is a broken toy, a screw that needs tightening or a project that needs building, EverEarth’s Large Workbench with Tools is the perfect toy for your child to embrace their fixer-upper side.  An immersive, colourful and interactive bench for kids to tinker at for hours with all the featured tools. And no handyman is complete without his tool box! Le Toy Van’s Tool Box provides a fun and portable alternative to the larger workspace.

Age: 3 years +
Price: AUD $62.95

4M’s Solar Plane Mobile


4M - Eco Engineering Solar Plane Mobile

Encompassing all aspects of STEAM, 4M’s Solar Plane Mobile helps all potential pilots understand the key components of a plane as they build it themselves! Not only is it easy to assemble, but it teaches children the functionality and benefits of solar energy, as this is what enables the plane to fly around in a circle by itself! Younger pilots may enjoy Indigo Jamm’s Flying Felix Plane where they can place little wooden passengers and their bags in a retro airliner.

Age: 8 years +
Price: AUD $35.95

Melody Mix wall bench


I’m Toy - Melody Mix Wall Bench

The Melody Mix wall bench is the perfect toy for budding musicians in the family. Featuring a xylophone, chimes, bells, sticks, maracas and more, children will be amused for hours playing with this toy. This product is also available in varying sizes and colours to cater to every child’s preferences. Plus we have a whole range of gorgeous musical toys from Djeco.

Age: 18 months +
Price: AUD $105.95

Avenir Sewing Dolls


Avenir - Sewing Dolls

Avenir Sewing Dolls provide the ideal opportunity to get creative and learn valuable sewing skills in the process. With all the necessary pieces cut out and ready, your child only has to follow a few steps before their new plush doll is ready to play with and cuddle. Avenir Sewing Dolls provide a range of fun, adorable animals suited for every child, like sloths, koalas, penguins, llamas, unicorns and more. Avenir also have some fun mini sewing pen toppers and easy-to-use cross stitch kits.

Age: 6 years +
Price: AUD $23.75

The above selection is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cool educational toys, but we hope these recommendations help you navigate the ‘sometimes-overwhelming’ task of selecting the right toy.


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