Pretend Play Toys & Sets

Let the imaginations of children run free with these quality unique pretend play toys.

Learning to create scenarios with imaginative play is the first method children use to access abstract ideas and concepts and reify them. When practicing with pretend play, children are not only entertaining themselves - they’re stimulating their brains to develop the skills of abstract and logical thinking, problem solving, communication and even empathy.

Engaging in pretend play is often the largest portion of children’s time, and almost all play that they do has an aspect of imaginative or creative play to it. Whether picturing their cars on the racetrack, their dolls in the tea-room, or their piles of wooden blocks as a towering city, pretend play expands their universe beyond the confines of their physical surroundings and their mind beyond the boring reality of adults!

When children engage in imaginative play with role play and toys or invisible characters, they’re emulating scenarios and situations that they’ve seen played out in front of them. Children can practice communication and empathy by rehearsing speech with themselves, their imaginary friends or toys in pretend play.

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