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There’s an old adage that children will always know more about dinosaurs and construction vehicles than their parents do...and while it’s not necessarily accurate, it is true that children are often fascinated by the workings of toy trucks and toy tractors as much as by their full scale counterparts.

Both mechanically minded and artistic children love to explore the fine detail and moving parts of toy trucks. The open-ended imaginative play scenarios possible with toy trucks keeps children engaged with developing their dexterity, while they work on spatial relationships and problem solving. Toy tractors and trucks are also great tools for interacting with other playthings, people and the world around you, allowing children to practice negotiating geometry and relationships.

Developing a logical mind with an artistic flair is an important part of growing up through play, and toy construction vehicles enable children to experiment with turning abstract ideas into reality. A building site can be a bedroom floor, garden or playground - or anywhere else that imagination decides!

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