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Toy trains are a fantastic combination of creativity, logic, problem solving and motor skills with hours of fun! Building and operating a toy train set encourages children to develop their thinking in both left and right brain hemispheres, using all the artistry of an architect with the rigour and thought processing of an engineer. On top of that, they have all the fantasy of human figures with all the fun of vehicle toys!

Toy train sets are both goal oriented and open ended playthings, enabling children to work towards building a set loop and then enjoying operating it afterwards. They can act as a setting for other creative scenarios to take place in, and in this regard they are much like other building block sets.

Toy trains are also a superb way for children to learn to interact with one another, and a good way to practice group problem solving. Offer guided play by involving yourself with your child’s toy train set allows both of you to learn from one another while developing empathy and sharing skills.

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