Tea Set Toys

A kids’ tea set or wooden tea set is an eternal favourite, recognised and immortalised by Lewis Carroll in his children’s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The wild freewheeling chaos of the Mad Hatter’s tea party is surely one of the best representations of the magic of a child’s imagination, combining familiar situations and characters with the unbridled majesty of a mind at play.

Providing your child with a kids’ tea set is providing them with access to a similar structured open play environment, allowing them to explore their relationships and interactions with friends, dolls or toys while opening up new possibilities for creative fantasy. A plastic or wooden tea set is not only a set of cutlery - it represents opportunities for rehearsal and emulation of communication, testing and practicing emotionality, and even developing empathy and understanding for others.

We carry a range of developmentally enabling tea playsets from leading brands like Djeco and Green Toys that combine skill practice with plenty of fun.

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