Kids Play Kitchen Set

Get ready to cook up a storm with a fun kids’ play kitchen from Hape, Janod or Tiger Tribe! These kids’ wooden kitchen toys are not only great fun by yourself, with friends or parents; they’re also fantastic development tools and learning aids for young children.

While children are naturally attracted to any plaything which lets them mix, experiment and investigate, a kids’ play kitchen is particularly tempting for curious young minds eager to mimic mum or dad. Children are drawn to emulating and rehearsing behaviour that they see around them, particularly by their parents or primary carers, and a kids’ wooden kitchen is a good way to encourage this in a productive manner.

When you get into the kitchen with your child, you can guide and teach them about simple concepts like dangerous things to be avoided in domestic environments as well as how to have fun around the house. Children will learn more about their own role and relationship to adults, all while fixing up a delicious treat!

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