Hand & Finger Puppets

Puppets, like dolls, are tools found in every culture to investigate and explain the world around us. Adults as well as children have always been entranced by these mystical and beautiful representations of the human and animal form, and hand puppets are superb ways to explore and demonstrate relationships and interaction as well as tell stories.

Children love to play with hand puppets as they provide an outlet for rehearsing and practicing communication, narrative and creative thought. On top of that, puppets can play the part of dolls and become imbued with their own characteristics, filling the role of playmate and confidante in solo play. Sharing and cooperative play are also encouraged when hand puppets come out, being ideal toys for when siblings and friends want to get involved.

Many parents also find hand puppets useful tools for explaining more difficult or sensitive subjects to children, as well as simply for telling tales, entertainment and diversion. Whether alone or together, a puppet is always a great toy.

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