Educational Board Games

While probably best suited for toddlers and upwards, educational board games can be a powerful tool for parents and kids to bond, learn, and play together. Adults can put their parenting skills into practice while guiding children through educational board games, while kids can enjoy all the fun of competitive or cooperative play while exercising their communication, logic, creative thinking and other skills.

Board games, even board games for kids, are often a family activity or played with friends, and children will learn to enjoy working and playing with others while focusing on a set goal. Conceptualising and achieving their ideas on the board will give children a reward-based playstyle that encourages setting and following through on targets, while creative thinking and logic are often used to understand and manipulate the rules of a game.

Our board games are chosen from a range of development-friendly producers who put learning and fun in the same package. We stock board games for from Tiger Tribe,eeBoo and other leading brands.

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