Boys Toys

A bright, fun and carefully selected collection of unique educational toys for Boys.

While the concept of boys’ toys is no longer the gender normative territory it once was, there’s always scope for the classic cars, construction vehicles and firetrucks. Boys and girls alike can, and do, play with what were once considered toys for boys. After all, everyone loves the excitement of a racing car or a swooping helicopter!

Within this category, you’ll find a mixture of vehicles, vehicles playsets, spaceships, and other items traditionally called boys’ toys. Farm sets, wooden trucks and rattle toys can today be considered toys for boys and girls equally. Within the paradigm of childhood development through play, both genders are encouraged to play with a mix of toys traditionally thought gender-specific.

Good to Play recognises and support toy manufacturers who encourage childhood development through the design of fun, educational toys. Within this category of boys’ toys you’ll find great products from Playforever, Automoblox, Pintoy, Fagus and more.

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