8 & 9 Years Old

A great selection of toys suitable for children aged 8 & 9 years.

In today’s world, toys for 8 year olds and toys for 9 year olds can often act as an introduction to the world of consumerism. Many modern toys for 8 year olds are branded, disposable, and tied to media events. There is a time and place for these toys however, a child's mind needs mental stimulation to develop just as much as their bodies require good nutrition.

Good toys at this stage of development will be expansive rather than restrictive, and open children to the world of their own imagination rather than locking them into the scenarios of branded merchandise.

Toys for 8 year olds and toys for 9 year olds are often sufficiently advanced that an adult can engage in group play at an equal level. Puzzles, and games like boules, or model assembly kits, actually encourage parent interaction and guidance for full benefits and enjoyment. It’s a great time to relate to your children and enjoy each other’s personalities beyond the parent-child relationship.

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