2 & 3 Years Old

A great selection of unique educational toys suitable for children aged 2 & 3 years.

You may not think it to look at them, but these little bundles of glorious noise and joyful mess are busily engaged in some of the most important learning in their lifetimes. Your child is working hard to understand and reconcile their environment with internal cognitive processes that are still under development. Toys for 2 year olds and toys for 3 year olds will focus on making this process both fun and conducive to development.

A toddler is in a period of transition, in which they are becoming more aware of their environment however are still learning to interact with them on a firm footing. While they’re interested in exploring and experimenting, it needs to be a guided and supported journey. Toys for 2 year olds will present new interests and challenges, or open the door for exciting adventures, without overloading your child.

Our range of carefully selected developmentally-friendly toys for 2 year olds and toys for 3 year olds have been chosen for their qualities of slight challenge and/or stimulatory benefits. In this assortment, you and your child will find a world of excitement wrapped inside a nurturing environment.

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