10, 11, 12+ Years Old

A great selection of toys suitable for children aged 10+ years.

The early double figures or ‘tweens’ can be a challenging experience for parents. But with a little help from the right toy selection, it may just prove to be a little less challenging.

Finding toys for 11 year olds and toys for 12 year olds can testing. At this age, children are more aware of what is and isn’t ‘cool’. The idea of big kids toys can become dated, and free imaginative play may sadly be left aside. However, toys for 11 year olds can still assist children in reaching their developmental peak without limiting on engagement and fun factor.

At this stage, children may be willing to see structured learning as fun. Fact books, gadgets and science kits can all be great gifts for the hungry young mind. Similarly, craft kits and model building can stimulate creativity and imagination.

Our selection of toys for 11 year olds and toys for 12 year olds has been carefully chosen to appeal to these most individualistic children while promoting intellectual, social and communicative growth. It can be difficult to reach children at this age – our big kids toys should give you a leg up!

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