Kids’ trikes are the perfect introduction for children to self-empowerment, freedom, the joys of exercise and the wider world around them - without the risks of bumps and bruises! The inherent stability of kids’ trikes helps offset the inherent wobbliness of kids, and allows them greater mobility and a method of indulging their natural curiosity without endangering them. The healthy fascination of a child with their surroundings can be satisfied with their new-found ability to explore, but scrapes and falls are unlikely on tricycles for kids.

Children are naturally designed to want to move, look and experience, but our encouragement as parents is vital to give them the guidance and support they need without stifling them. Allowing them some limited freedom and mobility with tricycles for kids provides opportunities to develop growing muscles, a sense of spatial awareness, and basic experience with movement beyond crawling and walking - all traits which will stand them in good stead as they continue to grow.

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