When it comes to kids’ toys, some fads flare up and fade out in a matter of years, and others are eternal. Dolls are rocking horses have been around for millennia, whereas kids’ stickers and sticker pads, while relatively new additions to children’s playsets, look like they’re here to stay. That’s no surprise, given not only their popularity with children of toddler age and up but also when considering their potential as developmental and learning tools.

Unlike colouring books or older kids’ stickers, modern sticker pads are reusable and modular - meaning children can continue to develop and grow their creativity by exploring and re-exploring each book. Children will learn spacial awareness, colour and shape recognition, entity relationships, and get plenty of dexterity and muscle control practice. In addition, kids will love learning about the world from these fun interactive books.

We stock a range of kids’ stickers and books from leading early development publishers Tiger Tribe and Melissa and Doug.

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