Do you have a budding Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton on your hands? Whether your child ends up on stage or not, a kids’ guitar is a worthwhile toy in and of itself. Apart from the endless fun (for parents as well!) that a guitar represents, children can practice their complex shape manipulation, object interaction, manual dexterity, coordination and other motor skills. They’ll also engage in structured learning about music, rhythm and mathematics, while opening up some creative juices when playing songs or composing their own tunes!

Kids’ guitars and ukuleles are a good introduction to music for children, and can help develop a lifelong hobby. While most professional instruments are too heavy, outsized and unwieldy for children to handle, kids’ guitars and instrument toys are perfect for inquisitive young minds and fingers to explore - and they’re sturdy enough to survive some inexperienced handling!

We stock a range of beautiful kids’ guitars from Janod, Vilac and other leading suppliers. Browse our selection and get ready to rock with your child!

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