Dolls Prams

Children love to reenact their relationships with their toys and dolls. Dolls prams and pram toys are a fantastic way for them to explore their own nurturing relationship with parents and carers by role play and mimicry. Cuddling, grooming and acting out the role of an adult enable children to develop empathy skills, understanding and curiosity, and grow stronger relationships within their own family units.

Our dolls prams, baby baskets and pram toys can be paired with beautiful crafted dolls from leading imaginative play brands like Lilliputiens and Petitcollin and are designed to help your child learn through fun. The joy of interacting with your own toy doll in safe and welcoming environments, whilst exploring supported fantasy scenarios, is one that every child should experience. With these dolls prams your child too can grow their minds and have a great time doing so!

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