Colouring & Activity Books

Colouring books are a classic children’s toy and development aid that generations have grown up with. Our selection of carefully curated colouring and activity books has been selected from a range of developmentally friendly publishers like Tiger Tribe and Hape to not only provide you child with hours of fun, but also to maximise their learning through enjoyment.

Colouring books enable children to explore their imagination and transfer it to a visible reality, practicing many cognitive skills like spatial awareness and pattern recognition. Simultaneously, children can work on improving their fine motor skills and muscle control. Colouring books expand children’s knowledge bases by exposing them to vocabulary sets, and often provide literacy and numeracy exercises as well. Perhaps most importantly, activity books help children reach their creative peak by providing a template for structured imaginative play.

Take a look through our colouring and activity books for a range of ages or search by developmental skill to find the right choice for you and your child.

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