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Nesting blocks like alphabet blocks and number blocks are an exciting way for children to practice conceptualising and building abstract shapes, manipulating objects, judging spatial relationships and more - all while learning about numbers, letters, animals, or more! More than traditional wooden blocks, nesting blocks for kids are themed building toys that help children grasp basic numeracy, literacy and recognition skills in the process of creative play.

Learning to handle primary shapes and use them to create your abstract ideas is one of the key skills of early development, and supporting that process with wooden blocks is a good choice for parents with young children. Nesting blocks are an exciting take on that concept, combining modular shapes with representative imagery, happy and calming colours, and letter blocks or number blocks.

We stock wooden blocks and sets from Petit Collage, Haba, and other development-friendly toy makes. Browse through our selection, grab a set and get building!

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