Ahoy there sailor! Set sail for fun with a toy boat and experience the endless possibilities of the open sea, with the exploration limited only by your imagination.

Toy boats are not only hours of fun for children alone, with friends, or with their parents - they also make superb tools for open ended play, scenario building, conversation and cooperation. Children will develop their motor skills and understanding of spatial relationships while emulating the motion of the waves and the movement of their toy boats, while experimenting with emulating their visible surroundings and experiences.

Taking toy boats into the bathtub or sink is also a great way for children to gain exposure to the idea of fluid dynamics and different properties. Understanding that different shapes, materials and objects act and react differently is a key part of children becoming safe in the home and outdoor environment, as well as exercising their brains to understand physical interactions. Toy boats allow self-experimentation under observation, meaning open ended play with guidance and safety.

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