Baby Blankies

A security blanket or blankie is one of the most ubiquitous childhood development aids, with almost every child having one at some point. While the infamous Linus from Peanuts carries his wherever he goes, every child will use their blankie in different ways. Apart from the wonderful warm comforting sensation that a baby comforter blanket provides, children can imprint on their blankie and use it as a toy or playmate, a confidante, a trusted companion, an escape to a safe environment or just a reassurance.

Children have special needs for their baby comforter blanket that sets them apart from standard linen, and parents will want a non-allergenic and safe blankie that doesn’t irritate, overheat or upset their baby. Children of all ages can use a security blanket, so size can also be a concern. We stock a beautiful selection of blankets from a range of developmentally friendly brands, so browse our assortment and find your child’s new best friend!

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