6 Reasons why Grandparents are Great!

Posted on May 18 2017

Grandparents are Great

Those of us who were lucky enough to have regular contact with Grandparents whilst growing up will understand the vital role that Grandma and Grandpa’s can play in a child’s life. As a child, you may remember overnight stays at Grandma and Grandpa’s house or simply catching up with them at the local playground for a few hours of fun.

The importance of children spending quality time with their Grandparents is often taken for granted or even overlooked. This article highlights why spending time with beloved Grandparents can be so beneficial for children (and not just for the ice cream!).

In recognition of the fantastic Grandparents out there, here are 6 reasons why children can benefit from spending time with them...

1: Grandparents can open the door to a different world

A Grandparent may happily share their interests and hobbies with their Grandchildren. These experiences could range from Grandpa’s keen interest in stamp collecting or woodwork to Grandma’s love of knitting and looking after the environment.

This exposure presents children with new ideas, skills, activities and experiences that they may not have otherwise had exposure to.

2: They can help our children to further understand empathy

The love that Grandma and Grandpa’s have for their Grandchildren is usually an unconditional love and they can provide a sound level of attention and care. This can enable children to further understand empathy for others as they grow older. Over time, children may learn not to expect everyone else to treat them with the level of attention that Grandma and Grandpa do. They learn to understand that the love from their Grandparents is very unconditional. This can enable children to further understand empathy for others as they grow older.

Grandparents are often recognised as going to great lengths to make Grandchildren feel extra special. Yes that’s right, children may feel extra special when spending time with their Grandparents, as they will most likely receive additional attention and may even be a little spoilt (which is not always a bad thing).

3: Help improve self-esteem and confidence

The skills gained by Grandparents from their many years of life experience, can lead to a child having greater self-esteem and confidence when these ideals are passed on. These skills can also help children tackle day to day activities including schooling and general interaction in the community.

Grandparents can also provide beneficial mature influences which may greatly assist with the development of a child’s emotional and social skills.

4: Grandparents may be able to offer plenty of time

Nanna and Pa might be able to (and are happy to) dedicate lots of time to the grandkids which can prove very beneficial to a child’s overall development.

This undivided attention can help with a child’s learning of new skills. Grandparents may spend time with the Grandkids and read books, play with games and puzzles, or take them to the local National Park or Zoo. You might even spot a Grandparent and Grandchild having fun at the local children’s interactive music class or playgroup.

5: They can be very interesting story tellers 

The insightful stories told by Grandparents can help children to further understand different generations and how society might change over time. The stories could be proudly passed onto their own Grandchildren one day.

Grandpa might reminisce about how “Great Grandpa” would sometimes take him to sporting events at local fields and watch great sportspeople of the past, and how these sporting fields are now enormous stadiums that could seat a small city. Or the story that Grandma might tell of how, at the age of 5, she arrived in Australia after spending many weeks at sea on a passenger cruise ship with “Great Gran”, “Great Grandad” and Aunty Thelma – this might also explain why their Grandma may love boat cruises so much!

Many Grandparents love reminiscing of yesteryear with their Grandchildren and many things can be learnt from the stories and adventures of previous generations.

6: They often come bearing gifts:

Even though children will love Grandparents for their unconditional love and caring, it is no secret that they also love receiving gifts – and Grandparents love giving them!

Grandparents may like to provide gifts that encourage learning and sharing through play. The following items are popular presents from Grandparents:


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